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Beyond the Walls: Virtual Discussions on the Liberal Arts

Beyond the Walls: Virtual Discussions on the Liberal Arts is a virtual public lecture series organized by the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities in collaboration with Oshawa Public Libraries. It gives participants the chance to engage with others through live, interactive discussions on local and global topics, guided by a short expert talk.

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Hollywood Magic and Military PR | Why Everybody Can't Get StonedAdvertising in the Age of Industrialization | The Latest Buzz Words: Indigenization, Reconciliation, DecolonizationGardening with Crime Prevention in Mind


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Hollywood Magic and Military PR

From the global box-office success of Iron Man to the more recent hit Captain Marvel, it’s clear that the US military plays a starring role in much popular entertainment. But is this a new phenomenon? Or have Uncle Sam and Hollywood been allies for a long time?

Speaker Bio

Dr. Tanner Mirrlees is an associate professor of Communications and Digital Media Studies in the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities at Ontario Tech University. He is the author of numerous books including Hearts and Mines: The US Empire’s Culture Industry (University of British Columbia Press). Mirrlees’s research on Hollywood war films is featured in a three-part CBC IDEAs documentary Myths on Screen: Hollywood at War, and he also appears in the forthcoming documentary film, Theatres of Command.

Missed the presentation? View it here.


Why Everybody Can't Get Stoned?

Marijuana is increasingly becoming a normal part of youth culture. Like all leisure activities however, factors like gender and ethnicity play a role in who uses it. This talk looks at the social history of marijuana, and the boundaries that marijuana users must still negotiate today.

Thursday / June 25 / 7-8 pm

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Speaker Bio

Amir Mostaghim, PhD, is an Associate Teaching Professor in Criminology at Ontario Tech University. He teaches courses in areas of policy development, policing, and perspectives in criminal justice. He aims to inspire his students to push the boundaries of social justice policy in Canada and around the world in order to improve the lives of marginalized populations. His latest research explores gender and ethnic dimensions of marijuana use in Canada.


Advertising in the Age of Industrialization

As the McLaughlin Carriage Company grew, it relied on the increasingly sophisticated tools of advertising to engineer consent for industrialization in Oshawa. This talk will explore the relationship between industrialization and visual display in Oshawa after the turn of the twentieth century.

Thursday / July 2 / 7-8 pm

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Watch the teaser video for the lecture here.

Speaker Bio

Amanda Robinson is an Academic Associate in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities. Her research explores the role of visual culture in mediating technological change in Oshawa, Ontario during the Industrial Revolution.


The Latest Buzz Words: Indigenization, Reconciliation, Decolonization

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission issued its Calls to Action in 2015. Focusing on the Calls to Action for education, Jill Thompson and Rachel Ariss discuss what it means to build new relationships between Indigenous communities and the university.

Thursday / July 9 / 7-8 pm

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Speaker Bios

Jill Thompson is a member of the Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation and currently lives on the First Nation. She has been the Indigenous Cultural Advisor at Ontario Tech U since July 2014. Jill graduated from the Indigenous Studies Program at Trent University with Honours and earned mental health counsellor certification through the Native Counselling Training Program offered through the Ontario Native Education Counselling Association. Previous to coming to Ontario Tech U, Jill worked as the Indigenous Cultural Advisor/Counsellor at Trent University in the First Peoples House of Learning.  

Dr. Rachel Ariss is Associate Professor in Legal Studies at Ontario Tech University, and is from a settler background. She currently serves as the co-chair of the Reconciliation Task Force and the Indigenous Education Advisory Circle at the university. She has written on Indigenous land rights, the duty to consult and mining with John Cutfeet, and is currently writing on the role of witnessing in Indigenous social justice struggles. She earned an SJD from the University of Toronto in 2002, and joined Ontario Tech in 2010.​​


Gardening with Crime Prevention in Mind

Thoughtful placement of plants can help to shape others' perceptions of the space you live in. Whether you have a garden, or are thinking about starting one (balcony, community, or yard gardens), this talk will show some tips and tricks on making “defensible space” wherever you decide to grow.

Postponed to Thursday / July 16 / 7-8 pm

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Speaker Bio

Dr. Hannah Scott is an avid gardener, Professor, and Criminologist, specializing in the study of victims. She was exposed to the concepts behind CPTED is a class with Dr. Timothy Crowe (considered one the leading authorities and authors on techniques using CPTED) while at the University of Memphis and has taught a course in CPTED at Ontario Tech University focusing on the downtown area.

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