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Dec. 3 is Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

Did you know that Oshawa Public Libraries is a registered charity? Take part in the season of giving by joining the global movement of Giving Tuesday on December 3, 2019 and donate to Oshawa Public Libraries! You can even encourage the company or business where you work to match a personal or group donation.


Donate Now


Could you imagine not having internet access?

Every Giving Tuesday donation will help us continue our Wi-Fi hotspot lending program, which requires a monthly mobile data subscription.

Wi-Fi hotspots are portable devices available for people to borrow, free of charge, from Oshawa Public Libraries.  These hotspots provide a Wi-Fi signal that can connect us to people, places, and useful internet sites through Wi-Fi enabled devices.  Access to the internet is essential to our quality of life, and people who can’t afford internet access at home are at a disadvantage when it comes to education needs, looking for jobs, accessing government services, or even staying connected with loved ones.

Help those who can’t afford the internet and bridge the digital divide by supporting our Wi-Fi hotspot lending program with a donation today.



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