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Beyond the Walls

Beyond the Walls is a virtual public lecture series organized by the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities in collaboration with Oshawa Public Libraries. Engage with others through live, interactive discussions on local and global topics, guided by a short expert talk. 

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Mapping Transnational Environmental Crime

This talk will present Dr. Delon Omrow's postdoctoral research on the intersections between transnational environmental crime, human security, and biosecurity. He is currently working on a global environmental crime database which embeds the principles of UDL to enrich the learning experiences of all students at Ontario Tech University. The database will feature environmental legislation from each country in the world, along with case studies of how environmental crime impacts human security and biosecurity.  

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Speaker Bios:

Dr. Delon Omrow is a postdoctoral fellow in the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities at Ontario Tech University. Delon’s specialization is the nexus between transnational environmental crime, human security and biosecurity. His PhD explored how cognitive injustice leads to both social and environmental injustice through neoliberal conservation programs in South America. 

Pedagogically, Delon uses the tenets of Universal Design for Learning  (UDL) and Inclusive Design. Having experienced his own situational barriers, Delon recognized the theoretical and pragmatic merit of UDL, applying these principles in his own work and teaching philosophies as a teaching assistant, course director and sessional instructor. Inevitably, UDL became the cornerstone of his doctoral studies and his subsequent research. 

Adam Rodrigues completed his Honours Bachelor of Arts at York University, where he studied Criminology. Adam is currently pursuing his Master's degree in Criminology at Ontario Tech, with hopes of further progressing to gain his Ph.D. Adam is interested in researching both green and corporate crimes. Adam is currently working with Dr. Delon Omrow & Dr. Peter Stoett to develop an international database centred on environmental crimes and the policies surrounding them. He is currently looking into the links between transnational green crimes and human trafficking in Africa.


One Does Not Simply Stop Using: The Importance of Withdrawal in Discussion of Addiction Treatment and Harm Reduction

Mr. Denomme will walk through our current scientific knowledge of how experiences of drug use and withdrawal can impact substance use and abuse.  How and why do some people use (and even abuse) addictive substances? What steps can we take to reduce the stigma around drug use — and increase our ability to safely and effectively treat substance abuse? This talk will offer important context to further understanding our current issues with problematic substance use.

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Speaker Bio:

Mr. Denomme (he/him) is an award-winning Ph.D. student in the Forensic Psychology program at Ontario Tech University. His research examines how innovative technologies like neuroimaging and machine-learning algorithms can help us understand cocaine use and withdrawal. Mr. Denomme also works part-time with the Department of National Defence of Canada, researching worker well-being among both military and civilian personnel in the Canadian Armed Forces.


Picture This: Image Reuse and Sleuthing

Learn about the importance of copyright when reusing images, and how to find royalty free and openly licensed images for content creation. Discover out how to do a reverse image to locate the original image source, identify an object in a image or find similar images.

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Speaker Bio

Chelsie is the librarian for the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities and the Faculty of Education at Ontario Tech. She answers copyright questions at Ontario Tech and is a member of the Ontario Tech Copyright Committee. You can find Chelsie at the Social Science, Humanities and Education Library in downtown Oshawa.


Identifying Tactics of Power and Control that Bullies Use in the Workplace

Although present in the workplace, not all workplace victimization comes in the form of physical and sexual harassment. In this talk, we will examine the Workplace Power-Control Wheel which was designed to unpack victim experiences of workplace bullying and to help identify tactics that bullies use. Dr. Scott will move step-by-step through workplace abuse tactics such as using intimidation, isolation, emotional abuse, and how abusers can minimize, deny, and blame victims for their own victimization. We will talk about how employers can use coworkers to bully, use their employer privilege to make work difficult, use financial tactics to control targets of abuse, and identify tactics of coercive and threatening behaviour. A copy of the wheel will be made available to all those who attend.

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Speaker Bio:

Dr. Hannah Scott is a Full Professor and founding faculty member in the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities at Ontario Tech University. Her specializations include victimology, workplace bullying, evaluation, statistics, and homicide studies. She has worked in the United States and Canada on initiatives like the Strategic Approaches Community Safety Initiatives Project in the United States and the Durham Homelessness Census funded by the National Homeless Initiative in Ontario, Canada. 


Sustainability of the Great Lakes Region – Where are we; where are we going?

The Great Lakes Region anchored most of Canada and the United States’ economy for the last 100 years. During that time, water quality, biodiversity, and much of the ecosystem suffered badly. These threats are intensified with climate change. As temperatures rise around the world we are already seeing people from around the world move into the Region as ‘climate refugees’. The Region is now being called on to grow the economy while significantly reducing environmental damage. How likely is this? What are the key drivers needed to bring about sustainability in the Region? 

Dr. Hoornweg will discuss his co-authored report, "Sustainable Great Lakes: A Regional Assessment of Sustainability in the Binational Great Lakes Megaregion”.

Watch the program recording here.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Daniel Hoornweg is the Associate Dean of and an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science at Ontario Tech University. His research explores issues of sustainability and natural resources, as well as climate change and adaptation. 


Advertising in the Age of Industrialization

In the early 19th century, the McLaughlin Carriage Company was an industrial powerhouse in Oshawa. This talk explores the relationship between advertising, industrialization and visual culture around the turn of the twentieth century with a special focus on leisure, landscape, and nation building.

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Speaker Bio:

Professor Amanda Robinson is an Academic Associate in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities. Her research explores the role of visual culture in mediating technological change in Oshawa, Ontario during the Industrial Revolution.



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