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Getting Involved

Q: What volunteer or employment opportunities does the library offer?

A: Employment opportunities at the Oshawa Public Libraries are listed on our Employment Opportunities page.
Q: I am involved in a community event which would like to advertise at the Oshawa Public Libraries. Who should I contact?

A: Inquiries regarding community event partnerships and publicity may be directed to our Community Engagement staff at 905-579-6111 ext 5238.
Q: I would like to suggest or offer a program at the Oshawa Public Libraries. How can I get involved?

A: If you would like to suggest a library program or event, you can contact programming staff at 905-579-6111 ext 5264 or

Library Events

Q: Where can I find more information about upcoming library events, and how can I register or cancel my registration?

A: A complete listing of upcoming library events can be found at You can register, as well as check or cancel your registrations there.
Q: What upcoming book sales will be taking place at the library, and how can I participate?

A: Announcements regarding upcoming book sales will be posted to the library homepage, and can be found on the Friends of the Library page.

Library Loans

Q: How can I renew my items?

A: You can renew items online via the Online Account System. Items may also be renewed by phone at 905-579-6111 ext 5258.
Q: How can I place a hold, check on my holds status, or pick up my waiting hold?

A: Holds may be placed and checked using the library member account system. You can log in via the Your Account menu to access your account. Once a hold is ready for pickup, you will be notified, and the item will be shelved for pickup at your selected pickup branch.

Library Resources

Q: How do I log in to use the Oshawa Public Libraries online resources?

A: You can log in to access the library's online resources using your library card number, printed on your library card. In addition, resources may request the entry of your password. If you have not yet assigned a password to your card, this will typically be set to the default value '1234'.
Q: Where can I get help with research questions involving Oshawa Public Libraries materials?

A: If you have a question regarding library materials and would like the assistance of a librarian, you can contact us via the library's Ask Us form, or by phone at 905-579-6111.
Q: What technology and communication services do the Oshawa Public Libraries offer.

A: Internet access via wifi and computer terminals is available at all library branches. Printing is available in black and white as well as colour. Photocopiers are available for the copying of documents in black and white and colour. Please note that fax services are not offered by the Oshawa Public Libraries.

Your Library Account

Q: How can I log in online, or reset my library card password?

A: If you have never assigned a password to your card, this may still be set to the default value '1234'. You can use this, in combination with the number on your library card, to log in. If your card's password is no longer set to the default value and you need to reset it, you can do so via the forgot my password form, and we will email you a password reset. If the library does not have an email address associated with your account, we will not be able to reset your password via email, and it will be necessary to reset your password at a service desk of the library on your next visit.
Q: My address or contact information has changed. How can I update this information?

A: Because your contact information is used to convey private account information, we request you speak with us about this change on your next library visit, so that this change can be made with full and appropriate verification of your identity.
Q: Who can become a member at the Oshawa Public Libraries?

A: Any Ontario resident may become a member of the Oshawa Public Libraries. Proof of address and identity is required in order to acquire a library card.