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Children and Teen items are Fine-Free!

Great news — Oshawa Public Libraries has made children and teen items fine-free as part of an all-new pilot initiative! Recognizing how important it is for kids to have access to their public library, OPL has eliminated late fees on children and teen library items such as books, DVDs, and games.

For many libraries, overdue fines are meant to encourage people to return their library items on time. However, some studies have shown that fines may deter people from using the library, thus creating a barrier for equal access to technology, information, entertainment, and essential community resources.

Since libraries support and encourage discovery, education, and growth, children who form a relationship with their library are more likely to develop strong habits that can contribute to a lifetime of benefits, including a love of learning and reading, confidence, curiosity, communication skills, and so much more.

"Children shouldn't miss out on visiting and using the library because they are embarrassed about owing fines, or if their parents cannot afford to pay the fines. We hope that by removing fines for kids and teens, they will come back to the library and make the most of all we have to offer," says Frances Newman, Oshawa Public Libraries C.E.O.


Will there still be fees?

As of October 4, 2021, OPL will resume issuing late charges for library materials for adults, as well as electronic devices such as wi-fi hot spots and tablets.  Visit our to view the fees.

Please note that charges for lost or damaged items will remain the responsibility of all cardholders.

Thu, 01/01/2037 - 19:01
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