I have a print disability as defined by Canadian copyright law and am eligible for CELA service

Types of disability
(Optional but this helps CELA better understand whom they serve)


Preferred language of communication

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I wish to use a designate
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As designate, I understand that the library materials I request or download are for the exclusive use of the patron with a print disability who is to receive service and not for my own use. I agree to respect the patron’s privacy and freedom to read a wide variety of materials and viewpoints. If the patron is not present during the completion of this form, I agree to inform the patron of the terms and conditions of my role. CELA may contact the patron to confirm that consent has been provided. I understand that violation of these terms will result in the cancellation of service.

Are you interested in the use of the Oshawa Public Libraries’ in-house DAISY collection or Victor Reader?

Delivery Method(s) for CELA Program: